Tuesday, July 8, 2014

North Virginia

 Hey All! How was everybody's 4th of July? Jamie and I had a great weekend because we were starting a new adventure. I will tell you guys more in this blog, but before that, allow me to update how things were going with us. :D 

The title of this blog named North Virginia, it's where we have been living in for the past 7 weeks. We moved here after Jamie graduated from college, he is doing his internship here. :) North Virginia is certainly a very beautiful place, it has so much green and many modern buildings. We enjoyed our time here and would like to stay longer if we could. But since it's close to D.C. housing here is very pricey. After considerations, we decided to move to elsewhere and hopefully someday after years we will come back.

Nevertheless, we had great time in North Virginia, we went to Gay Pride in D.C. and got to know many good people. We finally met our friend, Ed, two weeks ago. Ed invited us to his house and made dinner for us. His house was the most beautiful and comfortable house I've ever been to, Ed has really good taste decorating his place. Jamie and I were so amazed, from the moment we walked into his house. There were Big windows connected from the ceiling to the floor in the living room, flowers and candles brought fresh sense to the house, nice book shelves and other elegant furniture.. It's just beautiful. Ed let me take some pictures and here are them. :)

Ed is such a gentleman, meeting him was truly a great experience! He is easy going and smart, talkative and has great sense of humor. Ed is talented too! The food he made for us that evening was so delicious that we felt we were in a 5-star restaurant!

Even the plates are pretty

Ahhh.. I am hungry again!

We had our dinner on the back porch, Ed grilled some chicken for us. (As you can see the picture above ^_^) I knew I should have held back a little more so I wouldn't be like a pig, but yes I was like a pig. Ed was just too nice and I felt very comfortable around him and forgot my manners. ;) The food was awesome!

Jamie and I also brought dessert as we promised that would be the thing we took care of for our meeting. We baked some yum yum brownies.


And we made a terrible mistake by bringing brownies!!
Ed has a glucose intolerance and he told me about it before.. I honestly didn't know what he meant but didn't want to be looked too dumb so I pretended I knew what that was.. :'( Ed couldn't eat the brownies we made! I kept apologizing but still felt bad.

After diner, Ed played some Irish music for us! That was really awesome! I like how happy and refreshing Irish music sounds like. *Sigh* I am a huge fan of an Irish boy-band, Westlife. Although they aren't boys anymore and the members in the group are no longer together. I still like them and listen to their music all the time. teehee

Westlife - Shadows
Westlife - Something Right
Shane Filan - Everything's Gonna Be Alright

Another friend we've been hanging out is Mike. Mike and my sister, Chelsea have been talking and are going to see each other in person in September. We are all very looking forward to it. ^_^

Mike took us to a Mongolian restaurant last week and gave we a chance to use chopsticks!! Oh dear, I hadn't used chopsticks since I came to the US.. I had used them my whole life, but don't really use them here in America. The moment I picked up chopsticks and held them, was like riding a bike, I knew exactly how to use them! It just came so naturally! I was so excited! ha ha..

Jamie was so awkward using chopsticks. ha ha..

But he still looked cute. ;)

Mongolian food was great. :D I'd had them before in Taiwan. They tasted a little different but they used the same way to cook the food. It's interesting American one added eggs in it.

We also had some Frozen Yogurt after dinner. It was fun choosing our own ice cream and toppings. (The best part was to have some samples of all the flavors of ice cream.. ha..) Nah, I didn't try all the flavors, that'd be too embarrassing.

Topping part was just too evil.. Even though I passed the ice cream challenge, didn't get too much of it, I still failed on this topping part... Those sweets seemed to be waving at me, especially gummy bears. In the end when I ate my Frozen Yogurt, I was almost like eating chocolate and candies. :P

We then went to Mike's apartment, it's an one bedroom apartment. ^_^ Mike recently moved here because it's closer to his work. The place was nice and comfy. Mike has many toys and video games! ha .. And I played a video game for the first time after high school. It was SO fun! I just hit all the buttons and didn't know what I was doing.


Mike's friend made that Bullbasaur for him, it looks awesome, better than Pikachu.

We played some Street Fighter, Mike of course beat Jamie and me very easily, but I still kicked Jamie's ass. ha ha Let's just say he's losing for me because he loves me. ;)

So our next destination :) will be New Jersey!
Jamie and I actually visited New Jersey this past weekend, that's how we celebrated 4th of July. ^_^ We met our friends, Andrew and Corey, another married gay couple. They will be the people we will be living with, along with their friend, Melissa, a very funny NewYorker!
It was very nice of them to offer us a room to stay after seeing my post on Facebook. Andrew reached out to me and helped. We are very happy to go there and start something new. ^^ Jamie is going to miss Virginia though, here's where he grew up in. But he said he has a good feeling about New Jersey. :D

So yeah, this week is the last week we are in Virginia, I thought I would write a blog. Thank you for reading this and let's hope things will go well.

Some people told us we are looking more and more alike. How can that be possible? ha ha But I really like that idea, thank you.

Before I go, here's an article I enjoyed reading and thought I'd share.
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Take care!

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