Friday, January 20, 2017

Momo's birthday!

Jamie's birthday was two days ago. We had a really fun day! I gave him a haircut in the morning.

We then headed out to downtown Orlando to meet with a cast director. They are in the process to make a film about love with no label. We were there to talk about our relationship and stories. It was pretty fun.

Lunch was Five Guys. I'd been asking Jamie what he wanted to eat on his birthday. I thought he might wanna go to one of his favorite restaurants. He chose Five Guys.

This is his excited about burger face!

Momo's burger
I am gonna get you!
num num
It was very satisfying :') ...
But that wasn't it. We need birthday cake for birthday, don't we? We went to Cheesecake Factory in the Mall at Millenia.
I can't remember when was last time we came to Cheesecake Factory. But it has always been my favorite restaurant to go to. We went there on the day we got married. :) I like how big the portion of their food is. We always order a salad and share it, then order a cheesecake and share it. ^_^ But since we already ate, we just bought a cheesecake as takeout this time.

Momo had hard time choosing which cheesecake he wanted... They all looked so yummy!!!!

Momo's face when he couldn't decide which cheesecake to buy

He ended up getting the peanut butter one
It's beautiful outside so we went outside the mall and sat down near the fountain to enjoy the cheesecake. Momo also opened the birthday gift I prepared for him here!

I pre-ordered this gift months ago and hid it in our closet. One night when I got home from work, he said he needed to confess something to me... he said he was reorganizing the closet and found a box in the back with a note saying, "Happy birthday, Momo"..... :P Luckily it was wrapped so he didn't know what's inside. And.... a month later, he forgot it existed. LOL

Momo and his birthday gift from me!

He's having a little hard time opening it :P

He's able to see what's inside now!

It's Star Wars AT-AT stationary organizer!!! 
Ha ha.. When I saw the news for this product to be released and pre-ordered, I knew I had to get it for my Star Wars fan husband. :D He loves it!!!!!!!!!!!!

It had just passed 2 o'clock. We still had plenty of time to do other fun things!
We went to Disney's Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Course next.
Momo has always liked playing mini golf. I remember when we were still dating online, he would go play mini golf with his sister. However, mini golf isn't a common wholesome activity people will do in Taiwan. I can't even think of knowing where I've seen a mini golf course in Taiwan... It was the first time I played mini golf, or golf in that matter. :P

Momo and Socerer Mickey at the Entrance of Disney Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf Course

Can I just say something crazy? ... He's so hot when he plays mini golf 😝😆😗🙈

Momo's happy face when he finished the hole with only one hit!

I think mini golf was pretty fun. The Fantasia theme mini golf course is very pretty! Momo said it's probably old (I just checked, it's opened on May 20, 1996) but I still had tons of fun! And I can tell Momo and all the guests were all having fun. :) I like all the sculptures and the way they designed the mini golf course. 18 holes/sections put in that area with no wasted land. It's by a river. It's very pleasant and peaceful. I also like all the little animal friends that live there. :')

The only thing I didn't like was how much I sucked at this game... :P
116 v.s. 55

:P .... Oh well, it's his birthday, I gotta let him win.
I remember I have never been good at any kind of sport. I used to like playing basketball, I thought it's a lot of fun. But nobody wanted to play with me when I was in high school... :P I remember when we were in P.E. and coach wanted to spit us up to different teams, I was always the leftover nobody wanted. LOL Nothing personal, my classmates just didn't want to lose. ha ha

After mini golf, we went to Disney Hollywood Studios, Momo's favorite park in Disney World. (and it's very close by where we were at)

We saw Donald Duck at the Entrance. He was in his most known outfit and was enthusiastically greeting all the guests. We stopped by to say hi. He was just the sweetest!

Donald pointing Momo's birthday button!
Donald gave me a super warm hug!

All of sudden a creepy alert music started! Cast Members with lightsabers came out and chased people to the sides of the streets. It was time Stormtroopers came out to march...

Momo was very excited but a little nervous to be so close to the stormtroopers. I kept dragging him closer and closer. But he was very shy.

Captain Phasma leading first order stormtroopers

After watching the march, we went to Pixar Place to get on Toy Story Midway Mania. It's one of my favorite rides and this was the third time Momo and I competed with each other on the ride! 

If you are not familiar with Toy Story Midway Mania, here's a link to everything you need to know about the ride.!

Momo and his 3D glasses
Our final scores! The winner was Team Green! (That's ME!!!) 

Outside Toy Story Midway Mania, we saw Green Army Men walking around the Place. We walked up to say hi and the solider we met was such a sweetheart. He noticed Momo's birthday button and asked how old he was turning. He thought Momo was 21 but when he learned the truth, he asked Momo not to tell anyone his real age. 

Momo and Green Army Man made a deal

Toys are our best friends!

I thought we needed to go see Mickey and Minnie on Momo's birthday. I was sure they would be happy to see him and would be glad they got to celebrate his birthday with him.

Minnie was whom we saw first. She was in her lovely glamours night gown.

Minnie gave Momo's a big hug and Momo being timid

Mickey was in his sorcerer robe which I thought was perfect since we just visited his mini golf course. 

Mickey happy to see my birthday boy!
Us and Mickey!

Before we headed out, we saw John at the front of the park, we decided to stop by and get some pictures from him. John is one of the very talented and friendly colleagues of mine, he's best known for his #selfiewithjohn which he enjoys getting selfies with guests he encounters.

John took some cute pictures of us and since we were having so much fun, the crowd started to build up and there's line appeared behind John. A kid wanted to join us for one picture so this happened..

Our monster roar with Mike Wazowski

After visiting Hollywood Studios, we went home for supper. We found birthday cards in the mailbox, they were from Momo's dad, grandparents, and sister, Jeanette. Jeanette also made an order from Edible Arrangement for Jamie's birthday but since we were out all day, they weren't able to delivered the order, we got it the next day and it was terrific!

Cards from Dad, Grandparents and Little Sister
I made some pasta for dinner
Jeanette, my sister-in-law sent Momo a cute box of sweets from Edible Arrangement

Grandparents also sent Momo a Cheesecake Factory gift card... I guess we will be going there again very soon. LOL

Before the night was over, we went to see a movie. Momo chose La La Land. :')
The movie has won a lot of awards, and it certainly exceeds its recognition. We both enjoyed watching it, Momo even bought the soundtrack. Yesterday when I got home from work, he was playing the songs from the movie in the living room and he invited me to dance. :') I couldn't stop giggling as it was the first time we danced like that. ^_^

Momo's birthday celebration was a huge success. We had a lot of fun. We will have another celebration this weekend, it's our three-year wedding anniversary!

Another good news is that Momo has been offered admission to the Master program in Health Services Administration at University of Central Florida. I am so so so so happy for him. It's been his dream to complete a Master degree. He will start this Fall. ^_^

Alright friends, thank you for reading it. I am off to make dinner now. :D I think I am gonna make bacon fried rice. I hope you all are having a wonderful Friday and will have a super weekend!


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