Sunday, December 29, 2013

After all, it's a good year!

Sorry guys, I haven't written any blog for over a month, I hope you aren't too disappointed. Here started snowing after Thanksgiving I got very very sick. I'd been in bed for a week or so, feeling my head being crushed and squeezed due to the bad fever. I tried to screamed and let Jamie know I felt very uncomfortable but I couldn't make any sound, probably my throat was too sore. When I was in Taiwan, I would go see doctor and have a shot immediately, but Jamie gave my orange juice and told me I would be fine. I thought I would die because I was still coughing badly after a week! lol But yeah.. as I am here to write a new blog, you may know that I am still alive, surviving from the flu.

Jamie was very wonderful, making me food and feeding me water. He took very care of me in those days when I was sick.

While I felt better, I devoted myself to the coming test, spending all the time to study and do practices. It was intense and stressful, I studied many different academic topics, such as phosphorus cycle and children amnesia, as well as Piaget's Cognitive Development Theory, Costumes in Ancient Greek Tragedy, Transcendentalism...etc. :P It was not fun indeed, but I actually learned a lot. It was like a little war between me and the books and self-discipline; I fought with and encouraged to myself.

"The real reason you give up on something is because you don't believe you deserve what you want and you are afraid to face the failure. You act like you know the reality is harsh but you just don't want to admit you aren't even brave enough. Believe in yourself, be more confident. " I told myself everyday.

The test was on Dec20, but something unbelievable happened right before that. It was at the other night two days before the test.. I knew Jamie was coming home from work so starting preparing dinner. He came back and gave me a hug in the kitchen and went to our room. Nothing special, everything was like usual. I brought food to the room after it's made.. My computer was set for some reason (?) Jamie ran to me and led me to our bed, asking me to sit. All of sudden he turned on the music on my computer, it was Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself) It was the song he sent me when he asked me to be his boyfriend... He got down his knee and asked me to marry him.

"What's going on?" I thought.. He must be kidding.. We had a fight earlier last month because he told me this trip that I came here to America was kind of just like a first date and we needed to see what would lead us to next. It broke my heart.. because I had been planning everything in my life that's about him. Whether the stupid test I was taking, finding a way to get into school here in America, everything was in order to get me closer to him, in other words, I had considered him to be somebody forever and more to me. I felt very hurt when he said I took it too seriously.

But he's proposing to me??? He explained what he said was tricking me, he had even planned our wedding before I got here...

I was just shocked and didn't know how to react, and after ten minutes I finally realized it was not a illusion and I started crying very very bad.

He said, "I don't have rings now.. but.. Will you marry me? On Friday, when we go to DC, I want to go to the Court house and marry you."

He gave me the candy canes as part of his proposal. They were actually from his colleague. I laughed in my heart.. that's the reason I loved him I thought. He is not the smartest, the strongest or the richest guy; he will never run to the airport to get me back like they do in the movies. But he is the one who loves me the most and appreciates our love; we are the ones that will make us completed and perfect; we will help each other to grow wiser and stronger; we will grow old together.

I said yes to the candy canes because the man I loved was my very own diamond.

 Our marriage application!

It was definitely the happiest day of my life. I wanted to screamed and expressed how happy I was to the whole world. It had been my dream.. I'd imagined how would I be a good wife/ husband since I was very little. I'd thought about wearing a apron and preparing food for my coming-home-husband; I'd been long for going to bed with my loved one and waking up in his arms. I am so the marring type! lol

But seriously.. Jamie makes me a better person. :) It's not only a dream of being married, it's more like he fits perfectly in my dream.

Our little marriage ceremony will be held on January 23 at the DC Court house. It's funny when the officer asked us when did we want to get married, Jamie replied, "As soon as possible!!!!" Everybody is welcome to join us that day. :D I really wish we could hold a wedding and a reception and invite people to come.. but we can't really afford that at this moment.. I am sorry.

Meeting Family!

As the school semester ended, the holiday came. Jamie took me to visit his family and friends, which made both of us a little nervous. We also wanted to announced our engagement to them.

We visited Jamie's grandparents (mother's side) on Thanksgiving day. I wasn't sure if I shocked his Papa.. but they were all very nice to me. Most of Jamie's family members were as quiet as him. They didn't talk about our relationship.. I couldn't help thinking if it would be different if we weren't a gay couple.. I just hoped they could believe Jamie's in good hands. :)

But on Christmas day when we met again, Jamie's Mamaw remembered where I was from and welcomed me to their house. They even prepared Christmas gifts for me! Jamie's mother bought me a Christmas ornament as it's a tradition she gives her kids every year. I got a Barnes & Noble (bookstore) gift card from Jamie's grandparents. We were surprised they knew I liked to read!! Jamie's sister, Jocelyn, and mom bought me a Instruction and Learning to Play Guitar book!

Jamie bought my a new CD of one of my favorite singers, Sara Bareillies. We've been listening to her music since then!

We also visited Jamie's father and step mom. The moment I saw his Dad, I thought it was cousin or young uncle. Jamie's step mom gave me a hug when she saw me.
Before we went their house, we had rehearsed how would we tell them that we're engaged. lol We thought Jamie would told Dad that I was his Fiancee before he said anything, and I would shake his hand immediately and said it's very nice to meet him, I was Teddy! lol
Although they asked me more things about me than Jamie's mother side, they still didn't ask anything about Jamie and me... Maybe it's really too sensitive.. :') Jamie and I have agreed, no matter people are happy for us or not, we will show them by actions and making good examples in the future. ^_^

Christmas tree we set up at Mom's!
Christmas gifts Mamaw prepared for everybody! It's spetecular!
Dad and step-mom!

Christmas tree at Dad's!
Jamie's buried in the gifts!

Jamie's friends, Kadie and Kyla, and colleagues couldn't be happier for us! Kyla actually hugged Jamie and me several times to congrats us! ^_^ Kyla and her Fiancee accompanied us to a Jewelry store to pick up the rings. It was very nice of them!! Kadie has been helping us to contact a photographer to shoot out engagement pictures! We'll be doing that this Friday!! I really seriously can't wait!!!!!!

Thank you for all our friends on Facebook. My brother was silly and said he's prepared his toast and was ready to cry on my wedding day.  You guys' blessings mean enormously to us. :')

The day when we were in DC, we heard more than three times that people who we encountered telling us we were a great couple! A lady at the metro station asked if we were best friends, and after we clarified we were boyfriends she was so happy! A lady in the restaurant kept giggling and said, "Oh my gosh you guys are just too adorable!" he he ^_^

After all, 2013 was a good year.

This year really was a little too much for me. My life had crazily changed. It's the second year after my mother passed away, my brother and I found out our family members stole out our inherent. Some horrible aunt came to our house and caused a lot of drama, threatened us to give them money. My grandmother secretly took away the money in band account and put into her personal one. It was just too much.

Thankfully I have met Jamie and he's became my cornerstone. Although nightmares still haunt me when I sleep, I now have a warm body to lean on, Jamie really comforts me. I come to realize the past is in the past, and we will strive out a bright future. We are living on our way now. :D

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