Monday, November 4, 2013

Kids' Teddy Bear

Hi Everyone! It's Blog time again :D Also the third week I've been here in the US ~ Woohoo~~~

This picture was taken on a beautiful day out of those cold days we have had lately. The leaves are changing colors, some purple, so,e yellow and some red. They are also falling and it shows that Winter is coming. :')

I am getting more and more used to the life here in America, and feel I am falling in love with Jamie deeper everyday. He has such nice personality and a good heart, I really appreciate we have found each other and can be together after a long waiting. Sometimes we look through the pictures we'd taken and sent to each other, those through Facebook messages and from Skype, so much memory we had shared and it's so hard to believe we are finally together.

We still send each other messages all the time :) Jamie going to class from the library where we are at; Jamie coming back from class and will meet me before going to lunch together; Jamie coming home from work.. etc.

Ming Ming working hard in the library

Often at night, I will go to bed before he does, since he has homework to do but also has to work the entire evening after class, he will kiss me when he comes to bed and talks to me. Most of time during weekdays, Ming will go to work right after class, and come home around 11 at night and continue doing his homework or studying for his tests. He works so hard that I never find I do enough for him. I make dinner for us, prepare food in the box and put in his bag, do laundry when he's out at work. I run to the door when I hear car come it may be him being back. I give him the warmest hug everyday and want him to feel good. :) This is kind of the dream I always had since I was little, I want to be a good wife/ husband.

I pretty enjoyed making food for Ming, and have always been thinking what to feed him. Reasonably, I am more familiar with Taiwanese foods, and can usually think about those what I used to have in Taiwan. This week, we visited a store that sold many imported Asian foods! I was so surprised! See what I found!

No Way to Say Goodbye

This week we watched the Quarterback episode of Glee, which was a distribution for Cory's leaving. During the show I dropped many tears and Jamie just held me close to his shoulder and touched my hand. I couldn't imagine how hard it was to all the clews of the show, to those who loved him.. I felt heartbroken watching their tears trembling in their eyes - You know that's so much love all of them wanted to tell him. It reminded my mother, and all the things I've long to tell her but never could. There was a moment I was crying too bad to catch breath and the whole body was shaking unstoppablly, when Santana sang 'If I Die Young' and she screamed when she couldn't sing it anymore..


The next day after we watched the show, Ming and I were in the car, I held his hand the looked at him, I said, "Please.. Take care of yourself.. please don't leave me, I really don't know how can I stand thing like that."

Going to College!

A week before, Ming and I ran into his classmates Megan and Alyssa in the library. Megan came up with a idea and suggested Jamie to take me to the class with them. We did that this Monday and Wednesday! :D

It was a lot of fun being in the class, the first time I was really in an American college class! It reminded me going to college with Chelsea and we were fighting to be Hermione Granger with the other students and always sat in the front seats in the classroom.

Professor was so nice to me. Before I walked into the room, I was extremely nervous and did nothing but hoping the professor wouldn't kick me out. However, he was a kind young man and nodded and smiled to me to allow me joining the class. I felt he was highly intelligent and cared about his students very much. I always heard people say college teachers in America were mean and didn't care about students at all when I was in Taiwan, they just came and left and never said nice things to students. But it was completely wrong!! Professor Andrew Fink prepared his lecture with heart according to his PowerPoints, he also discussed those questions with students after the test, he remembered those questions that majority made mistakes and explained to everybody. It's nice to hear his lecture, his words-using was brilliant! I bet his vocabulary must be very complete!

After class Megan and Alyssa asked me how I felt about the class and the trip so far. I was still struggling about being newly in the US back then. Megan stopped me before I almost told them I felt like a foreigner, and then the following days I always remembered that moment, and it encouraged me so much. I was too self-conscious, everyone has been nice to me, it was me who had a doubting heart.

Kids' Teddy Bear

Thursday night, the last moment of October, Ming and I were invited to go treat-or-tricking with Kadie's kids, Colton and Anna, who we went to Apple Festival together. I believe many of you still remember them! It was also the first time I had experienced this ^^ My Taiwanese friends had been reminding me to take pictures and show them how it was like.
Anna is A Little Mermaid, Ariel

Colton is Hearts-Breaker Angel
I was a little frustrated taking pictures, because the lack of light the camera didn't work very well. I am sorry guys I couldn't make awesome pictures. >_<

Basically every had dressed up, the treat-or-tricking kids, their parents, the people in the house who gave kids candies, even their pets! Jamie and I were the only one who didn't!!!!! NO!
Nothing better than a Hot Doctor ;)

Anna remembered my name and constantly came and held me and Jamie's hands. She's the sweetest! ^_^

Before we went home that night, Ming and I went to grocery store to pick up some items. I met more his colleagues and enjoyed the talk with Jane. Her name was on receipt! So cool! Another colleague El Fredda was super funny, she asked Jamie if he made me pregnant already. lol

Saturday again we drove to Charlottesville to meet Kadie's family, it's Colton's 2nd birthday!! We went to a restaurant called Applebees. :)

Before the dinner, Ming and I ran around in the town and went to stores. I had a plan to buy a guitar (Yes I really do! Hopefully soon I will be pasting new singing videos ;) ) Few weeks ago Jamie'd took me to another music instrument store near our house, since I had no idea about guitars I thought I should go see more and might learn some more. This time we visited two that were in Charlottesville. It was fun :') And then we went to shoes stores, we were thinking to buy running shoes for both of us so we could go running and do exercise. Finally, we decided not to buy, we were concerned about the coming cold days and the possibility if we could go outside. FYI, Ming wears size 12 and I wear size 8. ;) We also went to clothing stores and also bought nothing. lol

In the car I thought.. Ming and I really shared many same values. I liked the fact we both were careful about our money, so far being in the US the only things we bought were the foods. (though that's the only thing we'd buy, we have been outrageously stingy with it) My point is I really thought it's so nice us as a couple could agree on so many things together. :) It's not everyday you could find somebody like that you know.

Colton's birthday was nice, we met Kadie's parents who have been married over 33 years, and Jeff, Kadie's charming boyfriend who loved her so much and melt my heart. :') I liked lovely couples! Ming ordered Macaroni Cheese which I laughed a waste of money to order when we had this rare opportunity to come to a restaurant, but then I stole his food almost the entire time since I barely ate the thing I ordered. lol It was some unexpected rice that I expected would be bad. (I didn't look the menu carefully)

Jeff and Kadie

The restaurant staffs came sing birthday song to Colton and gave him ice cream, which I thought was very nice of them!

(After seeing Colton's birthday ice-cream, I had been hoping for one, and Jamie bought ice-cream home last night! lol My sweet sweet hon hon! ^^)

Sunday night we had special guests to come to our house, Ming's roommate, Nate, 's family came visit him. Nate's mom was so nice and came to talk to me when I was doing dishes. She probably sensed that I was a little nervous but wanted to talk to her ^^ We talked for a while she told me her mother was from Germany to America, she wished me the best luck and rooted for me and my future. Then she introduced her grandson, Nate's nephew, Brandon to me. He's such a sweetheart, 8-year-old and had had smile on his face. He showed me the game he's playing on his tablet and a Fortune Teller he made at school.

Although Fortune Teller said I was poor... lol

I felt so sweet looking at Brandon and his small arms looking in his bag showing things to me. Brandon told me he liked that Fortune Teller a lot but he didn't know how to make it, he couldn't remember. I came up with a idea that we should be drawing and making Fortune Teller together!! So I ran into my room and grabbed papers (Jamie's papers) and color pencils.

Brandon and I had so much fun, he told me he wanted to be an artist when he grew up! His nanny told me secretly before today he wanted to be a cop or a truck driver. lol

Brandon draws himself

I draw Spongebob to him, it's his favorite.
Spending time with Brandon really made me think of a lot of things! I always liked children and wanted to be a teacher in the future, this was the first time I spent time with an American kid, he had to teach me English. ;) I just imagined how would it be like if someday I became a teacher and when Jamie and I had our own kids. It'd be very nice. :)

What the Future Holds

Friday night when Jamie came home from work, I said I had something to contribute to him, and I sang a song, Kelly Clarkson's Beautiful Disaster. Jamie played the song to me once when we were in his car. After the singing, I lied on his legs and held him.. I started crying..

Before he came back I was listening to the music products I made in the past few years.. It'd been awhile since I sang, and I kind of tried not to sing or touch these things so I could pretend I never had these, the dreams or the time when I worked hard to be a musician. Down inside I tried to accept that I was just not good enough, or lucky enough, or was not prosperous for that. There are many many more of people who are better than me but are still waiting and fighting. I have Jamie, and he.. he means everything to me, he is my only goal, coming to America and starting a life with him are my only purpose. I should get in the school in Maryland and that will allow us to be together. Not music.

I cried and cried.. 

I can't deny how much I am afraid of the truth I can't get in the school.. and can't hide the joy singing has always brought me..

"Would it be beautiful, or just a beautiful disaster?"

I took one of the tests school required to do on Saturday. (The reason I had a breakdown on Friday night) It was a 3-hour test included Mathematics, Reading and Writing, and 40 questions for each plus a writing essay. I was the only foreigner in the room.. the test was for Americans who wanted to be teachers.

I had been working on these tests, and only wanted to do my best. It wasn't easy, but I thought about Jamie and all these days and the blessings I had been given from my friends. They all believed in me, why shouldn't I? Yes, I might not do as good as the other people, and I might be very sad and might not be ready to accept the result.. but it wouldn't mean nothing, and wouldn't kill Jamie and my future. No matter what.

Ming sent me to the test center when the sky was still dark, it was freezing cold outside, we both were shaking in the car but he still held my hand. He found the test room with me and was waiting outside until I was all settled down. He went home and came back several times to check if I was okay. The actual test time was not the same as it's scheduled so Jamie came and left just stood outside and waited. He was more excited than me. 

Ming Ming feels happy eating the noodles I made him

No matter what future holds, we will hold each other's hands and won't let go.

Thank you guys, I hope you enjoy the blog of this week!

Much love,


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