Monday, October 21, 2013

Apples to Pumpkins

Hey friends and family! here I am again writing a new blog to you! :)

As I said in the early post that we were going to an Apple Festival on the weekend! So did we! Many of you may have seen the pictures on Facebook and may be wondering where are the apples!!? All you can see are the pictures of pumpkins! haha

My dear Ming Ming and pumpkins!

It was super cold that day that I have never experienced such cold day in my life! (And it's been cold since then...) It's so weird that I feel I've been in America a long time already while it's actually only a week so far! I was still wearing T-shirt the day I left Taiwan! It's like two different worlds, not only the weather.. :P

The Apple Festival was busy and crowded since it's the last weekend of the festival. It took us awhile to get on the hill to the farm and was stuck in the parking lot. It was fun though :P I was very excited and didn't pay attention on the traffic! Jamie on the other hand complained.. :P I asked him not to because that wouldn't help.

We had special friends accompanied today! It's our best friend Kadie and her family!! I've been talking with Kadie through Facebook just when I got to know Jamie. She's been super nice to me and I could tell her everything without any hesitant. Kadie's a good friend of mine who I can always trust.

On top of that, she has two heavenly kids that can steal your heart or make it melt in just a second!!

Family of Kadie!
I am looking forward to baby-sistering these two.. :')

On the Festival, we got to eat apple cider doughnuts which I enjoyed very much! The hot apple cider warmed me a little. :) Thinking of it, the reason I didn't take any pictures of these moments when I had those cute foods... was because it was too cold, my hands were shaking holding the camera and needed to be in my pockets. :P Sorry guys..

<----- Cute cute Colton kept feeding me french fries. :P

Funny story, back when Jamie first introduced Kadie's kids to me, he didn't tell me the names of theirs. And my brother's boyfriend happened to be called Colton too! Jamie told me the little boy's name later and really surprised me!

Colton's icy blue eyes are gonna break some girls' hearts, as well as boys'. :P

Colton's sister Anna was lovely. Kadie had warned me how much Anna liked her uncle Jamie and it was true! Anna kept coming and held Jamie's hand, which was so adorable. Before we met them, Anna'd been telling Kadie, "We haven't met Jamie!!!!" which she meant, "We haven't seen Jamie for too long!!!!" lol

I feel like a little kid too learning English, I make many mistakes and funny stories misusing the language. ^_^

Anna's such a good sister, when we said we would be taking picture, she held Colton's hand without being told.

We left the Festival after picking apples for Kadie's family and buying doughnuts for mom. Kids were being impatient. :P

Our next destination was a farm located at Charlottesville Virginia, where Jamie grew up. On our way there Jamie showed me the middle school and high school he attended. They were a lot different from the schools I went to in Taiwan. I wish I could take pictures, but we were in the car. :)

I asked Jamie what was the high school like here, and unexpectedly he answered, "some were very rich, some were not." I couldn't understand why would that be the first thing popping up in his mind, but his answer was funny, I guess. :P

 I soon fell in love with this place on the way to the farm in the town. There were brick-wall little cute houses with nice decent yards in front. I noticed many people have had their Halloween decorations on, this was something people wouldn't do in Taiwan.. we wouldn't even do that on our national holidays. I have a conclusion that Taiwanese can't value cost and worth like American do. Most people will doubt the reason decorating house like that, because it simply can't bring them 'money'. But here American doing it are just for the spirit and they seem to enjoy it.

"Too much works to do", my mom would say.

Oh right, that's something else I found very interesting. College students here wear the name of  the school on their clothes a lot! From T-shirts, jackets, pants to hats and sport-shirts. I don't understand but really like it! When I was in college, students wouldn't even admit what school they went to.. But here, the pride is there.

When we arrived to the Farm, we were told it needed tickets to get into the Farm. Jamie paid the tickets for both of us, $10. :( ... He seemed very happy doing that, so as Kadie. But if it's me and Chelsea going somewhere like in Taiwan, we would just leave. Cost-worth.. cost-worth... blah blah..

Thanks to them we did go in.

Please meet Hero Kitty Cat
Firstly, we got ourselves lost in a corn maze! lol

I told Jamie I definitely wouldn't recommend kids come in this, but then when we finally left the maze by tracing back to the entrance and saw Kadie, she told us kids were going in the maze! Oh no! Jamie and I looked at each other! lol

Anna actually cut in the line of all the kids who were waiting for having drawing on their faces.. Thankfully the parents of those kids were kind and told us it's okay when we apologized and their kids about to cry. > < ...

Anna was very proud and told me she's Hero Kitty Cat!

And then we jumped up to the hays! It was a lot of fun! I never had touched hays before. They were a lot softer then I imagined. Although Jamie kept trying to help me get rid of the hays on me, I just laughed and got more on my clothes. I found that very nature and funny as a kid spent all life in the concrete jungle.

Of course, we had some great photographs. :)

I really enjoyed today and kept thinking how would it be like having our own kids. Jamie will really make a good dad I am sure. :) I may be very strict though.. very typical Asian style.. lol

Before we said good bye, Kadie gave each of us a hug, which was very nice ^^ and Jeff gave us a big red velvet cake!!!!!!!!!! (I have been eating that cake ever since... lol it's so so nice!! They should make some to Taiwan!!)

I made dinner for us when we got home. I was devote to making Taiwanese foods! We had Dan-Bing. :) Jamie said it tasted like omelet... I guess it was something like that. :P

I made dinner again yesterday, some common veggie dishes we would have in Taiwan. But Jamie really didn't like them.. it had no flavor to him.. even though I added some ginger. He explained to me ginger is adding to desserts here in the US... :P

Sunday was a little nerve-wrecking to me because mom took us out for lunch! It's the first time I got to meet boyfriend's parent, I really wish I didn't screw it and could have Jamie's mother feel her son's in good hands.

Jamie's mother had beautiful eyes which I soon understood where Jamie inherited from. Mom took us to a cute restaurant called I Hop where they served breakfast foods. It became the first time I went to an American restaurant! I will never forget those waffles. :) Mom was very easy going, I loved our conversations. We talked about Jamie's sister Jocelyn a lot, who I have been very close friend on Facebook and have skyped with several times. Jocelyn later told me she's very upset with mom because she got to meet me first. lol She's cute. Ming found a way to make up to Jocelyn that we will have dinner together this Friday and will carve pumpkins!!!!! Aww... for the first time in my life carving pumpkin! Chelsea is going to be so jealous of me!

I am getting used to the life here in America, thank you, my friends who have been rooting for me. (Especially Brian and his warm messages!) I received all your loves. :D I now always say thank you to the bus drivers and it's very nice they always response to me! ^^

The other night, Jamie and I were invited to play a card game Apples to Apples with our roommates, Grand and Brianna, Nate and Lisa. It was SO fun!!!!!! I really felt I just walked into a TV show like Happy Endings or New Girl! Everyone was so funny and even better, my honey was the biggest winner! haha Since the Apples to Apples game was about matching cards and vocabulary, I felt everyone was not nice to me because I simply wasn't that familiar with English like they were!! hahaha

Today at school, I told a girl that her bag was open. And she said, "Jeeez I really don't understand why no one say this to each other! Thank you very much!" I thought she must know I was a foreigner (?) I am glad I was brave to talk to her!! (Thanks to Evan!)

Studying has been great too, I always go to school with Jamie and study hard in the library. :) I will have another model test this Friday! And then after that is super funny Halloween celebration with Jamie's family to an Amusement Park!!!!!! Pictures will be sending, for sure, don't worry.

Much Love,


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  1. I love reading your blog; it makes me happy. It's so fun seeing all this stuff new through your eyes. I'm glad you're having a good time.