Tuesday, October 15, 2013

First Day at School

After a long trip coming from Taiwan to America, I wasn't feeling so well yesterday. My eyes were swollen and in pain that I could barely open them. And I skipped the dinner too.. :P

I woke up at 5 this morning! Not sure if it's attributed to the jet-lag or simply because I felt hungry.. lol

Today I went to school with Jamie, we left our house at 7:30 and walked to the bus stop together. On the bus I buried my head in a book and was afraid to look up. It has been frightened for me since I am in the US, everything is just so different from what I am used to. And I feel scared that everyone is foreigner!! Although I am the foreigner myself... I told Jamie I really wanted to say thanks to the bus driver.. but no one else did it. That's the impression I have so far - I feel people here don't really have interaction with the others. Like when I was on the street in Taiwan, I would nod as a simple greeting to the people I pass by. But no one does it here.. That makes me feel they are all so grumpy :'( ...

But the view here is extremely beautiful, like a painting a drawing.

Yesterday when Jamie was driving me home from the airport, I felt like we were traveling in a fantasy world. Everything in my eyes was green, like a sea, and someone used color yellow and red to paint on it artistically.

I love the roads on campus too, it's like little paths in a wonderland. And the squirrels come here and there curiously just makes my heat melt.


I came to the library alone while Jamie was having a test on class. Being used to the rules that food and drink and phone were forbidden in the library, I was so amazed seeing Starbucks right in the lobby of the library and students have foods with them on the desks with homework and books.

And I couldn't help myself doing the same, I ate a little piece of chocolate. :P

Barbecue Chicken Sandwich!

We went to dining hall after Jamie's class ended. It was not the one Jamie usually went to because I am not allowed to go to that one unless I pay a good price.. I feel bad for Ming giving up this for me..
Ordering food was very exciting, I could only smile shyly when the lady asked me questions about the food I wanted.. I think they noticed I was a foreigner.. oh no.. :(
Finally I got the barbecue sandwich which I heard a lot from Jamie.

A set was a little more than $7, including a sandwich and two side-dishes and a middle size drink. It's two times more expensive than Taiwanese one.
Unexpectedly, I was very full afterwards!! Almost blamed Ming eating too little when I saw the sandwich. haha

To me, the dinning hall here looks like a giant Starbucks! The whole interior design and decorations look like it. The one we had on campus when I was in college was dirty with a weird smell that nobody wanted to go.. But here is nice, and it's really quiet! - even a group of friends sitting together will not make large noise. 

                               The Man I love

 I Wanna Grow Old With You

I was laying in bed last night when Ming's still doing homework. Eye half opened I stared at him and thought how grateful I was to have met him in this life. Many many of little things keep assuring me how important and blessed it is to be in love with him. I found his personality so so cute. He handles things stably, does them slowly and finish them completely, a lot different from me always being so frantic. His hands are warm and I like being in his arms. He explains everything I don't understand to me patiently, and I kind of am confused about everything here...

I never will feel I am less than anybody and never should be self conscious, because he never criticize me and just loves me for who I am and encourages me on that.

Looking at him, it tells me he's all I need.

Another little story happened this morning was when I walked in the room and saw Jamie dress up. He picked the T-shirt I bought him from the closet and wore the necklace I made him. It literally showed how much he cared about me and cherished something about me.

I hope you all like this new blog :) I will continue keeping you updated by writing more. ^^

Being here in the US and still having contacts with my friends in Taiwan made me realize how the time difference felt like to Jamie when I was in Taiwan. It's something I couldn't be related to.. and now I just feel very touched how much he'd adjusted and changed for me and adapted to that kind of separated life.

Although we have been together in person for 24 hours, Jamie sometimes would still be driven to grab his phone and feel like sending messages to me to tell me how's he doing. It's so unreal that we are together!! lol

Thanks to everyone who keeps up with us online, your comments and loves are so so nice! :) Thank you.

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