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Hey guys, it's been another week, who's waiting for a new blog? Here you go :)

You can really feel the temperature is cooling down. The other day when we walked to the car in the morning, we saw this ice on the car's windows. There's smoke in the air when we talk and breathe. Ming told me a story that one time a guy came and told him, "Hey dude, you shouldn't smoke here! It's rude!" That was silly :P It's just the water vapor.

After a few times I made food for Ming, he was eager to have me try something too! Wednesday night Jamie took an evening-off after school and we went to the grocery store to get some ingredients for him to make dinner. We met many of his colleagues who were super nice to me. Gio, the girl we had met before, told me she thought Jamie and I were super adorable. She asked me if I knew how to make sushi.. I told her I knew though it's actually from Japan and I was from Taiwan. The other girl Claire laughed at her, kind of. lol Claire surprisingly pointed out the problem Taiwan and China had to Jamie! She also told Jamie she had never seen him being this happy! Ming was very proud about it and has been telling me how happy he is with me... :') He sometime tells me that when we are in bed at night. teehee!

Oh right! Being in his arms was too comfortable that I forgot our different time to Taiwan, and I missed out an online test I signed up to do!!!! That was awful but very funny. :P

Back to Jamie's love love dinner plan. :) 
He told me it's called 'Tater Tot Casserole!' I guess my American friends who are reading it must know what it is, so I will spare the details and descriptions to the food here. :P (Of course in Chinese version that my Taiwanese friends will read I will write more about the food!) It was very nice the first time I tasted it, and I just wanted more! However, I soon found it's too 'milky' to me! The first time I ever had so many dairy foods was after I came to America. lol You guys have too many cheese, butter, salad sauce, and too much sugar in milk! haha Nevertheless, I wanted to eat those taters again the next day!! And honey was just too cute when he was cooking!!

Thursday school was having some Halloween activity, there were people dressing up which was cool. Some girls put tables in the dinning hall lobby, providing free pumpkins for people to make drawing and other decorations. Ming and I got a cup of hot apple cider after dinner. Walking back to the library was freezing to death, my body was shaking and couldn't hold the cup because it kept spilling out. Jamie took over the cup and amazingly the water just stopped shaking!! I asked him how did he do it, he said, "With years of training being in a marching band!" And for some reason I just laughed so loud when he said that! lol

Friday our lunch was some kind of subway sandwiches that you got to choose what you wanna put in your sandwich. Since I couldn't tell the register what I wanted, I just told her I wanted all the same as Ming's. (I always get very nervous ordering food in the school dinning hall.. because they are so many people, and they are always like rushing and rushing like a stream of fish... I just don't want to slow any one.. ><" ) But Jamie had too little thing in his sandwich!! I wouldn't let that happen and waste that almost $8, so I told the lady I wanted 'everything'!!!! That made my sandwich to be like this.

And Honey was just too cute eating his sandwich.. :P

We visited mom that night, and I planned to make Taiwanese style dinner for mom and Ming's sister Jocelyn! It's also the first time I met Jocelyn in person. :)

Mom's was a traditional American cabin that had a stove in the center of the wooden house that kept everyone warm. They had a farm and a kitchen house! Mom shared her home-made berry jam with us which I liked very very much! Ming prepared a super cool food for us, which was biscuits in a can!!!!! That's so cool and I really wished I could buy some and mail to Chelsea, she liked biscuits! 


Thankfully mom and Jocelyn all liked the food I made. Ming was proud! ^^ After dinner we played Sponge-bob version UNO. Mom won the game! lol

And as everyone requested, Jamie had to show me his year books. Additionally, Jocelyn and mom found more baby pictures of Ming!!!!

I found myself falling in love with him even more after looking how he grew up and meeting his family.

I feel the man in my arms is still the little boy I saw from the pictures. And I just want to take care of his life!

Beautiful Campus

This week I finally got to walk around the campus and took some pictures for you all. I always write in my blog how beautiful it is. Here I want to show some pictures. :)

King's Domionion!

Saturday as we planned, we woke up super early and went to mom's to meet the other people by 7:30 and went on our trip to amusement park, King's Domionion! It was a two-hour drive. We stopped by a Burger King and fixed breakfast. I decided not to order any food because it was easy for me to get car sick. However, dearly honey secretly bought some healthy oatmeal and yummy hash brown for me. He said he knew I loved breakfast.

In the car Jocelyn and Ming and I all played the music from our mobiles and iPod. We had been singing. lol

Mom was so sweet, when we arrived at the park, she came and asked me if I felt sick being in the car for too long. Jocelyn showed me her Sponge-bob hat which was cute. And Ming didn't want to put on his jacket because that one was the least he liked even though it's freezing cold! I convinced him to wear it after all. ;)

We met our companions, one of Jamie's sisters, Jeanette, and her boyfriend, Andrew.

The amusement park had more roller-coasters than the ones I'd been to in Taiwan. That was good for me because I was not afraid of roller-coasters. The only thing I never ride is those spinning machines that you go on and will cause you to throw up. Jamie on the other hand closed his eyes the whole way on the roller-coasters! lol I kept laughing and kicking my legs.
Ming and Jeanette and Mom and Me in the line

We spent an hour waiting in line on every ride approximately. lol Ming and I felt super hungry after the first thing we rode. hahaha So we went back to the car and ate our lunch. Mom and Jocelyn prepared some yum yum croissants and chicken salad. But we found something even better, they bought a box of Oreo! Double stuffed!!! I put them in sandwich bread and told Jamie it's Oreo sandwich. He found that super funny but loved it! He took picture of our Oreo sandwich. haha I really recommend everyone go try it. ;) It's good, promise.

And the team was united again! Everyone ate lunch! :)


Halloween Spirit

I was so impressed how Americans celebrated a holiday like Halloween! I always wanted to take pictures of those houses we passed by on the streets, they are just so amazingly adorable!! I've seen a pumpkin ghost balloon and a dark knight on a horse and many many other scarecrows!! I always want to ask Ming to stop by the street so I can take pictures.. :P

And the amusement park was just a blast!!!! Even the people who came here!!! Here's a picture when I saw somebody has this on the car.

After some more roller-coasters, the day was almost to the end and the night came up instead. Some demons crept out the darkness, the whole amusement was being impatient.. Children had wound make-up on their faces, people were all dressing up. We saw monsters, cat-women, as well as Captain America.

The amusement park was transformed into a monster world! The rides were changed to haunted houses with new decorations. Even more people, or monsters, than day time! Someone hung purple and blue lights throughout the park and played the heart-beat background music. You could hear people scream from many corners.

My boyfriend was super brave, and held my hand tightly the entire time or hid me behind him. 
It had so much fun! I enjoyed my first Halloween very very much! :')

Before we went on the road and had another two-hour drive home, mom needed to buy coffee to keep her sober. We headed to Starbucks in the park. It was very crowded. In line, we waited one and half hours. And by the time we were able to order our drink, Jamie told the lady he wanted Hot Chocolate, he looked at me with pride, he knew I didn't drink coffee. And although I told him I could just have water, he insisted to get something to share with me... The lady asked him who the drink was for, and would write down name on the cup, he said, "Teddy".

He was the happiest man in the world when our drink was ready and someone yelled, "Hot Chocolate for Teddy!"

Carving Pumpkins! 

Yesterday afternoon, Jamie and I bought some pumpkins and invited Jocelyn to carve them together at mom's. The weather was so beautiful and we sat outside the cabin in the shadow of the trees.

Jamie had been over exaggerated, and told me how great I was. "You are good at everything", he said. I wasn't sure if he was right. But I did study Art and Design in college and we often made products from different materials. Carving pumpkin was like I was doing those art projects. Surely I wouldn't do good if it's something else than arts. But thanks to Ming's support. ^^ It made me feel good.

Jocelyn and Jamie both made pumpkin monsters, and I made Ariel from A Little Mermaid. 

You have no idea what it means to me

The night when we were in the car to home, Jamie looked at me and I met those striking hazel eyes. He told me I had no idea how much it meant to him that I was here in America with him..

I told myself, let's find out by spending the rest of lives together. How much this love means to both of us. :)

Thankfully I want to express my gratitude to Jamie's family and friends to regard me as family.
And I really miss Dennis and my friends in Taiwan.. I often dream about them.

Okay, I guess this is the end for the blog of this week. I hope you enjoy reading it and like our adventure. ^^ Thank you for keeping up with us. And sorry for that kissing picture... hope it didn't boil too much blood to your cheeks. :P

Until next week.

Love, Teddy

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