Thursday, October 17, 2013

Before Apple Festival.

It's Thursday today, soon I will be going to Apple Festival with Ming which he always says will take me too. I am really excited about it and will definitely take tons of pictures and write a new blog. So I just thought it'd be nice to have another blog before that :) So.. here we go!

The third and half day I've been here in the US already. I am still getting used to a lot of things. First is I sometimes really miss the breakfast food we had in Taiwan.. I never thought I'd be missing foods. Can't believe I'd really have a little homesick! Just last night, I couldn't stop but had a little breakdown and cried in the car after I told Jamie I really couldn't stay in library anymore.. It's still scary for me to be around all the Americans.. I seem to be making mistakes a lot, which I really don't like, I keep wishing I could be just normal as everybody and no one would notice I am a foreigner.. But I can't even order food in the restaurant, I could not read the signs at the grocery store and I couldn't even use glue and made my envelope super dirty and ugly..

School has been relentless for Jamie, he has been working hard on homework and mid-terms, we spent some time at the library and when Jamie's in the class, I would be in the library too. I have some initial tests to prepare in order to getting in University of Maryland - the plan me and Ming have for us to be together after this short visit, and is the most mission I am on now! But just reading some academical articles and doing writing practices stressed me horribly.

I felt I was so dumb.

It was only eight o'clock at night and Ming's plan was to stay at the library until 10 or so.. I was already tired to death. I shook my head and wanted to perk up whatever strength I could have. It was so frustrating my concentration was as low as drowning in the pool. I told Jamie I needed to go home eventually, and I was extremely disappointed in myself.

Ming put his hand on my head and looked at me carefully, he wanted me to feel better and know it's okay.

My tears just trembled down..

(Oh wow.. I didn't plan to write this.. Was only going to share the pictures of food we have had in the past few days.. Sorry..)

Jamie really cares for me super very much! Many times at the night, when I moved and woke him up, he would reach his arm to me and faced me to make me feel his love. He seemed to know I had hard time to sleep the past few nights. Most of times he'd just stare at me for no reason.. he would laugh to himself and then told me I was cute. He said I was the nicest boyfriend when I wiped away the sauce on his lip after he ate sandwich.

He giggles every time I translate what my Taiwanese friends say on Facebook to him!

Food Food All in my Stomach!

We have been to one of the dinning halls in School that Jamie always went to. He stopped going there since it would cost me almost $11 to go in. But yesterday Ming's in the mood and decided we would be eating there. It's very like a buffet, a HUGE food place! There were many many good foods and smelled sensationally that made me drool. I didn't want to waste that $11 at all so I just grabbed as much as food as I could and threw them all in my stomach! That 'amazed' Jamie. :P He probably never imagined I would eat that much food. They were really nice!

It's a cute little apple pie with a cloud-like yummy cream on top! Chelsea is going to love it!

The autumn color of the city

I've been feeling in a movie since I came here. It is just so beautiful. I really wish I could walk around in this place and take all the pictures, to save these beauties that my eyes have been feasted. Ming told me we will go hiking soon, so friends, be waiting. ;)

I have met all of Jamie's roommates in the past few days! Yassir holds an American dream to come here from central Asia. He shared his experience to me that how had it been for him to be in the US and also his future plans about going to finish education in Europe. Nate seems like a cool easygoing guy. We left the house together to the bus stop together. The first thing he said to me was, "What's up man." And today me and Grand and his girlfriend cleaned the kitchen together. Grand's girlfriend was very nice and I enjoyed our little chat. We both are going to be teachers. :) When she talked about coming to Virginia from North and met Grand, they kissed, I giggled. :D

Ming told me that Kadie, a friend of Jamie who has been super nice to me on Facebook, will go to the Apple festival with us this weekend. I am very looking forward to meeting her in person! Kadie has two angel-looking kids! They are breathing taking beautiful! :) I hope they will like the little gifts I prepared for them. ^^

And Jamie's mother has been so nice by making a plan to take us and Jamie's sisters to an amusement park next weekend! She texted Ming today and asked if we were ding well, which moved me! I am a little nervous meeting Jamie's family.. but they have all been so nice to me. Jamie laughed and said I should just be myself. ><" alright..

Yesterday at school, I went meet Ming when it's about time his class ended. I saw he is talking with two girls when I approached. The moment one of the girls, Megan, saw me she gave me a big smile that immediately brought me one smile too! She said she's been keeping up with us on Facebook. Megan and Lisa were very kind and asked me some questions about the US experiences. It was very nice to have talking with them! And Megan and I became Facebook friends now!!! Hooray!!!

My friends have been sending blessings like always which I am forever grateful! Thank you for asking me and Jamie! I really am lucky to have you guys!! Whether little likes on Facebook, or the warm messages I've been receiving, I really am grateful! :D And thank you again now, for reading this new blog. ^^

Let's look forward to Apple Festival :D

Teddy and Jamie.

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