Sunday, October 13, 2013

On The Way To Jamie!

Let me start off by saying "Thank You Very Much" to all my friends who have been sending me wishes and blessings! I feel super super grateful for having all you in my life! Those comments and likes on Facebook are so cute!! ^_^

I am now sitting in a hotel room in South Korea. Since I will need to adjust my biological time and ruin Trevor's prediction of my first day, I decide to stay up now when I might need a break so I wouldn't feel that horrible when I finally get to America because of the jet-lag. (I laughed so hard when I saw Trevor's comment on Facebook.. How close will it be to your prediction?? - Come on! Your prediction is all about me dying and being so sick because of the jet- lag. hahahaha Not going to let you win this, Trevor!)

Oh! Last blog was written in Chinese, so I thought it would be better I write this one in English :) Let's be fair. :P However, I hope you guys be patient with this foreigner and his English-in-progress ability. lol

I woke up very early this morning, at around 4:30, and got a bus to Taipei where the airport I would leave Taiwan from. My ladies had been preparing a little surprise for me.. I knew that.. but never thought it would be like that. And almost successfully my tears were driven by them. Daisy had came to Taipei earlier this week and been working with Chelsea's surprise mission. The other one of the secret visitors was TsuHan. Chelsea reserved a Curry Restaurant near the Taipei Main Station and it became the last meal I had in Taiwan!

My Ladies :) You are the sweetest!
With Chelsea and Daisy's company, I made it to the airport punctually! We've been talking how unbelievable it was I was going to America and would finally see Jamie. (Chelsea was at the edge of having too much fantasy of me and Jamie...) Not until the last moment I walked in the gate to the Departure, I felt very unrealistic about everything we were doing.. It was like a random of me and my sisters hanging out and dreaming about that someday Jamie and I are united.

My baggage was so full that I was afraid it would explode in any second! lol But the girls were having different opinion about the things I prepared to the America - they thought those were too little! lol And I realized my flight actually allowed me to bring 2 bags! For my exploding suitcase's sake, we bought a box at the airport and moved some stuffs to it. Phew!

Girls insisted to stay with me till the last minute.. It was so so nice of them.. Honestly, it relived my anxiety a lot!! Like many of you could see, I really am SUPER BLESSED to have these friends.. (Many of you who are reading this blog now are actually those people here I talk about I am always grateful for!) Thank you. :)

Aww They are so cute :')

Going through the gates and everything were all smooth and well. I guess the hard part is the US immigration one. Let's worry about that tomorrow and finish today;s blog first. :P

It was funny that the language I spoke started to change. I didn't see any other Taiwanese take the same flight as mine. And it was funny everyone talked to me in Korean... The flight attendant always talked to me in Korean when I always answered her in English... Silly us :P

I fell asleep immediately on the flight! haha

And woke up very on time when dinner came! haha again!
I watched a super cute movie on the flight! It's called Songs for Marion It's about a choir that formed by only elders and join a singing competition. I actually cried two times while watching it... Those centuries are just so cute! I could really feel the love and emotion from them from their performances. And the story is pretty good too! I believe you will be moved like I was! Go find it!

Korea doesn't look many different from Taiwan as far as I can see. The streets and views looked kind of similar. Only the signs that reminded me I was not in Taiwan anymore.

The hotel I am staying now is an old one (but cheap one) I feel fine with everything so far, and it provides free shuttle buses to airport - which is all I need. Thanks to TsuHan helped me find this one. :)

Tomorrow I will wake up early again for my flight. :) And it will take me 13 hours to get to the US. I am excited! ^_^ Again, I really am grateful for you guys' blessings. Thank you!

I will see you soon, and next time, you will see me and Ming together in pictures!!!!!!!!!!! It's going to be awesome!

Thanks for reading. :D
對不起了我的台灣好朋友們 這次我用英文寫這篇文章... :D

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